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Islam Rejects Dictatorship System of Government

Islam Rejects Dictatorship System of Government

Dictatorship is a kind of government in which a group or person contains absolute authority without any constitutional check and balance. The word ‘dictatorship’ is taken from the Latin name dictator, entitling a magistrate who is provided extra-ordinary authorities for a limited time frame to control the state in an emergency time. But in modern eras the description of the term has modified. In contemporary usage, dictator is an absolute ruler having extra-constitutional authorities and powers without any restriction of time, while a national emergency may or may not happen.

A dictator displays his behaviour in an authoritarian method and operates his authorities most tyrannically. Absolutism, authoritarianism, despotism, autocracy, totalitarianism, tyranny, etc. are some of the phrases which are either used as equal with dictatorship or used to explain various aspects of dictatorship. In the government of dictatorship, people feel insecurity in accomplishment of their religious obligations like Hajj, for which Islamic Pilgrimage Services are presented in the market. 

Islam not only discards dictatorial, totalitarian and despotic system of law but also strictly condemns those who create such rule out correctly and diminish the human beings from their dignified status of caliphs of Allah Almighty to the bed situations of slaves and serfs. The government of Pharaoh of Egypt who was oppressor and despot has been strictly condemned by the revealed book.

It is since the rule of the Pharaohs and dictators is based on unkindness, oppression, monocracy and unfairness. Such arrogant and despotic rulers have no value in an Islamic system.  According to a hadith of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), to utter a word of truth in the existence of such monarchs is a great jihad. Therefore, those who fight against such rulers to protect the persons from their oppression would be honourable warriors in the way of Allah who would be bestowed with great rewards. As stated earlier, the ideology of Islam concerning sovereignty of Allah Almighty, viceregency of man and mutual discussion in conduct of collective matters establish a true democratic and representative kind of government. Therefore, absolute and tyrannical rule is indirectly omitted by these teachings.